Israeli-born Shlomo Cohen studied graphic design at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, displaying his works in 11 solo exhibitions in Israel and overseas, and participating in a large number of group exhibitions. Shlomo won the United Nations/RANAN LURIE Political Cartoon Award[s] and the Dosh Prize from the Tel-Aviv Municipality. Cohen is also a master diver: he photographs, maps and writes on diving websites worldwide.

In addition to his work as an illustrator and graphic designer, Cohen began drawing cartoons and portraits. Between 1997-2007, his work appeared in the following newspapers and periodicals: Haolam Hazeh, Monitin, Ksafim, Hadashot, Maariv, Globes, Yedioth Ahronot and Yedioth Tikshoret. Since 2007, with the publication of Israel [Today] Hayom, Cohen has been drawing the newspaper’s daily political cartoon, including an English version of the cartoon that is distributed to audiences worldwide.
With the introduction of the digital pen, which allows full expression of hand illustrations, Cohen was among the pioneers who transitioned to using this medium. Today, he regularly lectures on these techniques in private workshops, and in the past year, he has begun drawing a series of satirical portraits using another new technique involving 3D sculpting.

In addition to his regular work as a cartoonist, Cohen writes, illustrates, produces and publishes cartoon books on various themes, as well as a series of books on diving sites around the world. In these books he illustrated and mapped in three dimensions 183 dive sites and 24 shipwrecks. Cohen also wrote and illustrated children’s books, calendars, posters and a series of Tshirts that display his cartoons.